Bande annonce À tous les vents du ciel

Le film À tous les vents du ciel est sorti dans les salles le mercredi 27 juillet 2016. Parmi le casting, on peut notamment voir apparaître Daniel Lobé et Noémie Merlant.
C'est un film produit par Bonne Pioche, réalisé par Christophe Lioud, et scénarisé par Christophe Lioud, Jean-Baptiste Destremau et Lynne Moses.

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Synopsis du film

Voici l'intrigue du film À tous les vents du ciel en quelques mots, histoire de se faire une idée.

17-year-old Claire spends her vacation in South Africa with her family, when a tragic accident takes the lives of her parents and younger brother. By a stroke of luck, Claire survives, but finds herself alone, far from home in a country where everything is unfamiliar and intense. Distraught and consumed by guilt in the belief that she is somehow responsible for the death of her family, she runs away and decides to let fate, which saved her from death, guide her from now on. Through her adventures across spectacular scenery and her encounters with colorful characters, both joyful and sad, she turns her life around, realizing that she must look inside herself to find the strength to control her own destiny. In this coming-of-age road movie, Claire finds what she needs to return home and face the scrutiny of others, so that she can live her life, restored and at peace with herself.

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